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#SPNews: The 5-W's behind SemiPolished

by Maranda Wilkinson | | #semipolished, #SPNews, blog, ceo, news, the 5Ws, what, what is semipolished, when, where, who, why, Ws | 0 Comments




SemiPolished was created by a 20-something year old fashion driven girl boss by the name of Maranda Wilkinson (pictured above). She was born and raised on the westside of Atlanta, GA. She holds a B.S. of Science in Integrative Studies with concentrations in communication, education, and leadership. 


SemiPolished was born in late November 2016. Black Friday-November 24, 2016, to be exact. 


Kennesaw, Ga while Maranda was attending Kennesaw State University


SemiPolished was created out of an urgent need for a store that carried a wide selection of inventory that could be both trendy and unique. She wanted vintage and modern. Bright and meek. She wanted the best of both worlds; so SemiPolished the store was born. 



is SemiPolished?  Well let’s see...semipolishedsemipolished

When coming up with the term SemiPolished she didn’t want it to be too cliché. Ya' know, nothing overly used or super trendy.  She wanted it to speak beauty without sounding conceited. She wanted to acknowledge the connection of one's self to beauty and the perception of the world. SemiPolished is understanding life is about continuously trying to become better (polished) while simultaneously understanding that it is an infinite process; forever leaving everyone SemiPolished and that is true beauty. No one can be perfect and we here at SemiPolished embrace this philosophy and try to apply it to our daily lives. 







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